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Diamond Expertise

Buying a diamond is a new experience for most people, and Mark Beckett Diamonds will ensure that it is not overwhelming. Bring your Cuore et Cervello, your Heart and Mind, to Mark Beckett to make the choice that you will never regret.


The cut of a diamond does not refer entirely to the shape of the diamond, rather more to the quality of the facetting work done during the cutting of the stone, which determines its brilliance, or fire.


A diamond’s Colour is graded according to a scale that starts with D – perfectly colourless or white, and becomes progressively yellower as it advances through the alphabet.


Diamonds with few or no imperfections receive the highest Diamond Clarity grades but almost all diamonds have tiny imperfections. Diamond Clarity refers to the ability for light to pass through the diamond unimpeded. Gemologists refer to diamond imperfections by a variety of technical names such as blemishes and inclusions, among others. Any blemishes or inclusions in the diamond obstruct light from passing cleanly through the stone. Diamond Clarity is the easiest of the Four Cs to understand, and it generally has the least impact on a diamond’s appearance, however Diamond Clarity has more affect on the price of a diamond. The flawless diamonds are the most highly prized. At Mark Beckett Diamonds we encourage you to choose diamonds in the clarity range of Flawless to SI1.

Clarity is the degree a diamond is free of natural inclusions or blemishes. Blemishes are external scratches, small nicks and chips, and parts of rough crystal’s surface left on the finished stone. Inclusions are internal; they may be other mineral crystals (or diamond), feather (breaks), or traces of distortion in the crystal structure. Inclusions normally have a greater impact on grade, value, beauty, and durability than do blemishes. The flawless diamonds are the most highly prized.

Carat Weight

Diamond Carat weight is the term with which people are most familiar. A carat is a term referring to the weight of a diamond and is equivalent to 1/5th of a gram. Carats are divided further into 100 points, requiring very accurate equipment to measure these tiny differences in weight.