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Duty Free Jewellery

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Mark Beckett duty free jewellery makes your budget go a lot further

When you buy duty free with Mark Beckett Diamonds we can we can show you rings worth hundreds or thousands more than you thought you could afford.

The magic of duty free jewellery

We’ve been helping people make their money go a lot further with duty free jewellery for years. Here’s how it works – when you buy duty free at Mark Beckett Diamonds you have 90 days to take it out of the country (and of course back again). The beauty of is you don’t even have to take it out yourself. A friend or relation who’s going overseas – even on a day trip to Australia can pick it up from duty free at the airport and take it out of the country on your behalf. But the very best part is you can have your new duty free diamond jewellery right away – and it can be worn until it needs to go on its brief OE. And in the meantime you’ve been able to enjoy your new diamond ring.

Duty free diamonds are our specialty

Buying duty free with Mark Becket Diamonds instantly puts you in a 15% higher price range – and believe us, everyone’s a lot happier.

For more details of our duty free jewelry service and to see our exquisite range of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and more, visit us at our discrete Newmarket store.