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Engagement Rings

I Love you Like a Diamond Banner

We have the perfect Engagement Ring for you

An engagement ring is a symbol of your promise to each other. Now we’ll make a promise to you – to design a unique engagement ring to make your dreams become reality.
Buying an engagement ring is a new experience for most people, but we’ll ensure that it’s not overwhelming. Bring your ‘Cuore et Cervello’, your heart and mind, to us and we’ll help you choose the exactly right engagement ring – a ring that reflects the uniqueness of the wonderful bond you share.

You can afford a more expensive engagement ring

We know that this is an exciting time, full of emotion and passion, but we want you to remain completely satisfied with your decision in the happy years to come. Choosing the perfect engagement ring also involves important decisions about quality, durability, practicality and naturally value for money.
And value for money is something we pride ourselves on. Our special duty free jewellery service means you can afford to spend a lot more on an engagement ring than you probably think. Click here to find out more about our Duty Free Jewellery Service.

Find your special engagement ring today

We’d love you to visit us to see our wide selection of engagement rings or to discuss a special design just for you
Please call for a private consultation on 09-529 9356